Thursday, February 25, 2010

Research Continuum Powerpoint

Please find the link below for your Research Continuum Powerpoint which we will share at the OLA Super Conference tomorrow!!

Creating Are


Web 2.0 Tools  Video streaming (School login needed)
 Puzzle makers

Other Tools List of internet resources to use in the Classroom  A collection of how to documents and presentations for a variety of web based and related technologies.   School Libraries Online  Shorten multiple urls into one  A simple url shortener Hosting site allows users to talk and share   School Library Information Portal

4 STAGES OF RESEARCH: WEBSITES EVERY T-L SHOULD KNOW Technology and media literacy resources.

Search Engines   Search for images
Choose the best search for your information needed  Educational search engines
Fake Websites:


Hands on activities for students: Interactive on-line activity plagiarism, copyright and cheating Plagiarism and cheating questionnaire
Copyright Free Resources: Public domain or Copyrighted?

STAGE 4: SHARING  Web 2.0 applications and open source software useful for projects Slideshow presentation tool Zooming Presentation Editor

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Copyright Powerpoint. Created by Kathryn Gravill.

 Click the link below to get access to a Copyright Powerpoint Presentation created by Kathryn Gravill, Y.R.D.S.B.

Copyright Power Point Presentation

Student Research Organizers and Other Research Templates

Click on the link below to get access to a variety of student research organizers (Research Envelope, Jot Note Sheets for book, dvd, encyclopedia, website) created by Paul Kay, T.D.S.B. and some templates Lisa and I created.

Jot Note Sheet
Jot Note Sheet Notes DVD
Jot Note Sheet Encyclopedia
Jot Note Sheet Note Website
Junior Continuum
Research Envelope
Searching the web using keywords
Senior jot note sheet

Here is some positive feedback we received about the implementation of student research organizers within the 4 step research process.
"The process was successful. The visual use of different coloured sheets for different resources   worked well.  The envelopes worked well to track students progress but the number of conferencing sessions and need to signing per research session was unrealistic from a time perspective.  However, I was able to assess visually on the chart paper how students were doing in the processing stage of the research process very easily.”                                                -M.Reeves

Research Continuum Grades K-8

The links to the research continuum for K to grade 8 is posted below.

Kindergarten Research Continuum
Grade 1 Research Continuum
Grade 2 Research Continuum
Grade 3 Research Continuum
Grade 4 Research Continuum
Grade 5 Research Continuum
Grade 6 Research Continuum
Grade 7 Research Continuum
Grade 8 Research Continuum

Friday, February 19, 2010

Information Literacy and Library Skills Compilation K to 8. Created by Pamela Boyd.

Have a look at the Information Literacy and Library Skills Compilation K to 8 document created by Pamela  Boyd, teacher-librarian in York Region District School Board. This comprehensive user friendly library resource identifies information literacy and library skills from K to grade 8 according to three strands (Inquiry and Research, Information Technologies, Information and Society). The ISTE National Education Standards and Performance Indicators for students and the National Education Technology Standards for teachers is also included.